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Relaxing Group Dining in Downtown Victoria

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Two people enjoying a meal provided by Truffles Catering.Anniversary? Family reunion? Graduation? Office celebration? Birthday party? Hosting visitors from out of town? Time to book a restaurant.

Victoria is famous for its wide array of dining spots, boasting one of the highest number of restaurants per capita in Canada if not the world. But if you've ever made a group restaurant booking, you know the pains that can come with it: Getting a convenient time on the date you want, making sure there's enough space, dealing with tiny tables shoved together, yelling to be heard over the hubbub... the list can go on.

Luckily, there's a group dining option that skips all the headache and throws in tranquility, privacy, and beautiful scenery. Read on and let us show you.

Dinner With An Ocean View

A public restaurant on land isn’t the only option for your dinner party needs. You can buck routine and streamline your planning with a private, catered meal out that won’t break the bank. Some of the things you can look forward to are:

  • Your choice of times and dates. Whether it’s early evening or late at night, you can arrange for your dinner on your schedule.

  • Peace and privacy. Instead of competing to be heard above dozens of other conversations happening in a small space, the only ones speaking are you and your guests. Talk at a comfortable volume or enjoy the silence.

  • Plenty of room. In a dedicated space designed to comfortably serve up to 20 people, there won’t be any scrambling for extra seats.

  • Undivided attention. Your host will be fully dedicated to you and your group, not dashing distractedly between tables. Have your favourite drink served whenever you want.

  • Being the DJ. Pick tunes from an extensive music library, or bring your own custom playlist on a CD, music player, phone, or flash drive. The mood for the evening will be yours to command.

  • Delicious food. Extensive three-course meals from Truffles, made with fresh local ingredients, means there’s something for everyone.

  • Fantastic views. Don’t choose between staring at a wall and staring at the person directly across from you. You can dine with the marvellous backdrop of the ocean at sunset, amidst local wildlife while the stars come out overhead.

We’re happy to offer all of this on our Fantasea. Our popular dinner cruises feature all of the above while you enjoy a leisurely tour through Victoria’s Inner Harbour, up the Gorge Waterway, past historic Oak Bay, and back to an illuminated Inner Harbour. Meals are created with care by Truffles Catering, including decadent desserts from Cakes Etc.

Worried about the weather? Don’t be. As a covered and heated luxury vessel, the Fantasea can provide comfortable dining year round, not only in the summer.

If you think a dinner cruise might be right for you, or if you have any questions about our menu or services, go ahead and contact us today!